Loupe protection eyewear

Precision in the medical practice!

Laser treatments can be performed with the highest precision thanks to the ONTOR occupational safety or laser safety goggles with magnifying glass.

Magnetic magnifier
Our magnetic head up maginfier is available with a magnification of 2.5x and allows a working distance of 350 mm. It consists of a high-quality, multi-coated glass lens with a fully adjustable pupil distance and declination angle. Thanks to the proven magnetic click system, the head up magnifier can be used right away on our ONTOR models.

Extension magnifier starVision Up
The high-resolution optics offer a bright and brilliant view. The high depth of field and sharp-edged imaging is convincing. For optimal illumination of your field of treatment, the head up magnifier can be equipped with an LED light. With the comfortable flip up system the magnifier can be turned upwards, eye contact with your patient is ensured and flexible working in the daily practice routine is guaranteed. Disinfection is possible with a moist, alcohol-free surface disinfectant.

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