Inspection and repair of protection eyewear

Your laser safety goggles have gotten a worn-down feeling over the years? You want to make sure that your laser safety goggles are still safe to use?

A check-up for safety-relevant defects, is advised in regular intervals, especially if the goggles are used in a rough environment. Should there already be visible scratches on the glass or polymer filter, a service examination is highly advised. Mechanical defects on both frame and filter can affect the laser safety properties negatively, and can also lead to dangerous reflections.

We offer you a professional check-up for functional, cosmetic and safety-relevant flaws. The check-up includes a complete professional cleaning of both frame and filter. Normally, the evaluation will take about a week. You will receive a detailed examination report of the condition of your glasses, you will also receive an estimate for needed repairs, if necessary.

We will also, gladly inspect laser safety goggles of third-party suppliers. For necessary repairs, we cannot take warranty. For reasons of liability, repair of products from third parties by us is unfortunately not possible.


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