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Maximum eye protection for users

Working with lasers is a highly dangerous task. Our laser safety goggles provide the highest possible level of security. The eyewear is developed in Germany and manufactured under the strictest quality standards. Both frames and filters are certified by the European norm (EN 207 / EN 208), to ensure the highest possible quality.

May it be industry, medicine or research & development – we will provide you with the best possible equipment for your application. Filter the laser safety eyewear by laser type and find the gear that suits your application right away.

Should you not be sure with your results? No problem! We will gladly assist you in the calculation of the protection levels required for your application to find the best possible solution for you. Should you have special requirements, we offer the possibility of customized filters, as we are one of the few manufactures, authorized to provide special filters for laser safety eyewear.

Laserschutzbrille ONTOR Filter: 0247 (Artikelnummer: 000-K0247-ONTO-54)

Laser safety goggles for spectacle wearers

Finding the right laser protection for people who wear correction eyeglasses can often be very time-consuming. A proper fit of prescription glasses and laser safety glasses is essential for the coverage area required by the standard to give you the protection you need.

PROTECT- Laserschutz offers you various models which can be worn over most prescription glasses to enable you to work safely with lasers.

You are unsure about choosing the right laser safety goggles? No problem! We will be happy to calculate the required protection levels for you and recommend the ideal laser safety goggles for you.

For special requirements, we also develop customized solutions, specifically geared to your application, to provide you with the ideal laser safety goggles. As one of only a few manufacturers, we are authorized to produce special filters for laser safety goggles. These are certified by a special individual approval procedure at a notified body according to EN 207 or EN 208.

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* The highest possible protection level for CO2 laser safety eyewear on the market is D LB5.
LB required in eu

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