BODYGUARD protective clothing by PROTECT

For the best possible user protection for demanding material processing applications!

The robust BODYGUARD protective clothing was developed for the high demands of industry and similar processes with high stress. Typical applications of the protective clothing in industry and trade are the material processing of MIG laser welding, cutting operations and any work where sparks and heat can occur.

BODYGUARD protective clothing is perfectly matched to provide protection for the torso, arms, legs and head. Together with the BODYGUARD glove variants, the user is protected in the best possible way against damaging influences.

The full protective effect can be achieved by combining a protective jacket and protective pants or a protective jacket and protective pants. Protective gloves, caps and aprons to pants, jackets and protective coats can also be worn separately, depending on the application. Thanks to the robust fabric and its high heat and flame resistance, BODYGUARD protective clothing can also be used for demanding activities such as various welding processes. The 3K design of the BODYGUARD gloves offers you a better feel during hand-guided processes, thus increasing the wearer's acceptance and comfort.

BODYGUARD protective clothing, thanks to the skin-friendly and breathable fabric, can be worn for several hours and washed afterwards. The protective effect of the BODYGUARD line is not affected even after washing.

Compared to most commercially available protective clothing worn for welding work, PROTECT deliberately avoids the use of animal products such as leather.

Do you need further protection? Benefit from our many years of experience in laser protection and welding protection and combine our protective clothing with our certified PROTECT laser protection goggles.

We will be happy to advise you personally on the selection of your personal protective equipment!

You can find more information about our protective clothing here.

BODYGUARD protective clothing - safety for high demands.


Protective clothing is classified as personal protective equipment according to EU Regulation 2016/425, which is intended to provide protection for the torso, arms and legs, for example, against damaging effects during work. In addition, the user's hands and wrists can be safely protected with the matching BODYGUARD gloves (300-LK1-GLOV-1K, -2K and -3K). We will be pleased to advise you.


  • BODYGUARD protective clothing is made of a special robust material which meets the high saftey standards of material processing. PROTECT's BODYGUARD protective clothing offers you the protection you need, even for demanding activities such as electric welding, including plasma welding, cutting and gas welding, as well as laser welding.
  • The BODYGUARD line meets the requirements of EN ISO 11612 - "Protective clothing - Clothing for protection against heat and flame" - and, at the same time the requirements of EN ISO 11611 - "Protective clothing for welding and allied processes". The fulfilment of these protective properties implies that the wearer is protected from brief contact with a flame as well as from defined convective and radiant heat, welding spatter and UV radiation.

Classification according to DIN EN ISO 11611 - Marking: Class 2 A1 + A2
The international standard DIN EN ISO 11611 defines two classes with specific performance requirements, class 1 being the lower class and class 2 the higher class.

Protective clothing from PROTECT is classified in class 2.
ISO 15025:2017-04 specifies labelling according to method A (indicator A1 = limited flame spread) or method B (indicator A2 = limited flame spread, small samples).

PROTECT's protective clothing meets both requirements and is therefore labelled A1 + A2.
Requirement from DIN EN ISO 11612: The model must always comply with flame spread code A1 or A2 and at least one of the other codes (B to F).

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