IPL shutter goggles SHUTTOR


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Product information

  • Filter color: clear
  • Filter material: special plastic
  • Frame color: black/white

€276.00 without vat
€328.44 including vat

plus shipping

Shipping time in EU: up to 5 workdays

Shipping time worldwide: up to 20 workdays

Product description

Our shutter safety eyewear is the optimal solution for IPL applications. The shutter technology reacts in microseconds to the IPL flash, darkens the lenses lightning fast and thus protects the wearer against possible eye injuries. It combines excellent passive vision with high protection during the IPL flash. Another special feature of the Shuttor goggles is that they can be combined with our ONTOR laser safety goggles.

  • True color, automatic glare protection for IPL applications
  • Switching time: 150 µs
  • Weight: 67 g
  • Passive (disabled): Shade 2
  • Active (enabled): Shade 10
  • Electronics with on/off switch

Supplied with case, cleaning cloth, goggle strap, cleaning spray, button cell battery CR1220,  instructions for use.

Optionally available with laser safety eyewear!

If you have any further questions in this regard, we will be happy to help you.