Laser safety foil

Shielding of windows and surfaces against scattered radiation.

Our laser safety foil is an optimal solution to provide windows and other surfaces with protection against low level lasers. The foil can be cut to your demanded size before delivery. The cooperation with a specialized company for the application of foils is highly advised, to prevent air pockets between the foil and the surface.

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Product information

Material:  Special plastic; one-sided adhesive
Filter tickness: appr. 0.125 mm
Filter color: blue
VLT: approx. 40 %
Max. dimensions: 30 m x 1,5 m (L x W)

Protection level according to EN 12254:
D AB5 + IR AB3 (OD 5+)    >180 -   315
DIR AB4 (OD 4+)                >315 -   330
DIR AB3 (OD 3+)                >330 -   350
DIR AB2 (OD 2+)                >350 -   372
DIR AB1 (OD 1+)                >372 -   390
D AB1 (OD 1+)                      770 -   855
D AB2 (OD 2+)                    >855 -   945
D AB3 (OD 3+)                    >945 - 1400

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