Laser Safety Curtains

Shield laser radiation over a large area!

Scattered radiation and direct hits caused by laser radiation are a great danger for your safety and that of your employees in daily laboratory and work operations with laser systems and laser equipment.

Laser safety curtains are a simple and flexible way to shield entire room areas from laser radiation. Laser safety curtains can reliably protect against scattered radiation and direct irradiation either as a fixed installation or in mobile racks. Our laser protection curtains are tested according to EN 12254 and are available in all dimensions due to in-house production. Depending on your individual requirements, you can connect the laser safety curtains with Velcro and loop tape, zipper system or magnets, this guarantees a light-tight connection. Various connection and fastening systems such as keder or rail systems round off our range.

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Here you can find more information about laser protection in clean rooms.

Laser safety curtain isoPROTECT Budget in mobile frame (P/N: 220-BUD-G)

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Curtain Guide

Here you can find more information about our laser safety curtains!

If entire room areas need to be protected from laser radiation, laser protection curtains are used. These serve as protection against scattered radiation as well as direct irradiation in laser applications with low powers. All our materials used are tested and certified on the basis of EN 12254. Due to in-house production, all dimensions are available.

Furthermore, our laser protection curtains can be wrapped in cleanroom compatible materials. In cooperation with our highly specialized partners, we can offer you the appropriate cover for almost any cleanroom application. Our covers are particularly characterized by their longevity, as diffusion of the antistatic agents and plasticizers is avoided. The covers are optionally available with FDA/GMP certificates. All covers can be equipped for your ESD requirements.

We also offer the appropriate suspension system (keder system) for your application.

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Item No.: 220-BUDGET-LP

Laser safety curtain isoPROTECT-Budget LP suitable for all wavelengths from 180-315nm and 400-850nm.

weight: approx. 0,3 kg/m²
Material thickness: approx. 0.85 mm

Available in the following colors:

-01 black


Protection levels according to EN 12254:
D AB5 + R AB2           180 - 315
D AB2  (OD 4+)           315 - 850  
D AB3                            >850 - 1400
D AB1                            >1400 - 11000

Power densities according to EN 12254:
   180-850           100 sec      100 W/m² (0.01 W/cm²)    
>1050-1400       100 sec       25 kW/m² (2.5 W/cm²)    
>1400-11000     100 sec       10 kW/m² (1 W/cm²)   


Item No.: 220-BUDGET

Laser safety curtain isoPROTECT-Budget suitable for all wavelengths from 180-11000 nm.

weight: approx. 1,0 kg/m²
Material thickness: approx. 0.8 mm

Available in the following colors:

- 01 black          - 02 white          - 61 carbon    

-59 black/carbon