Laser safety eyewear TERMINATOR Filter: 0249, frame color black


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Product information

  • Application: Diode (630 – 660 nm), RGB-Laser (450 + 532 + 650 nm), He:Ne (633 nm), Blue light laser (450 – 480 nm), Justierung (EN 208)
  • VLT (Visible light transmission): 18 %
  • Filter color: brown
  • Filter material: polymer
  • Filter thickness: 2.0 mm
  • Frame color: black
Spectacleframe TERMINATOR:
  • modern, sportive design
  • perfect fit for high user comfort & acceptance
  • adjustable soft nose pads
  • easy-to-replace lens
  • TERMINATOR Plus: additional rubber lip on the upper edge of the frame

€226.00 without vat
€268.94 including vat

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Shipping time worldwide: 3 weeks

Product description

The TERMINATOR is a light and sporty laser safety spectacles made of a special polymer. This lightweight frame offers a perfect fit, due to a comfortable and soft nose-pad, which can be individually adjusted by the user. Furthermore the temples can be individually adjusted in length and angle. The wrap-around lenses provide perfect side impact protection without confining the field of vision. Ventilation slots between lenses and frame allow an optimized air circulation, which prevents fogging.

The Laser Safety Filter 0249 is suitable for protection against laser pointer attacks (RGB) in particular. The filter also was tested successfully for Impact Level (F) according to EN166, and can be used as protection eyewear for police and task forces. The laser safety filter consists of brown polycarbonate, and offers a visual light transmission (VLT) of 18% although its covering a wide range of visible wavelengths. Additionally the filter can be used as alignment filter in several wavelength ranges. The laser safety filter is CE certified in accordance with the requirements of EN 207 and EN 208 and is available in different frames.

For a perfect and safe cleaning of this filter we recommend this cleaning spray.

Please calculate the necessary protection levels for your laser application, with care and compare them to the given protection level of the laser safety goggle. We will gladly advice you on the selection of the right safety gear.

Further product information

Wavelengths Protection levels
180-315 D LB8 + IR LB4 (OD8+)
>315-532 DIR LB4 + M LB4Y (OD4+)
>532-535 DIRM LB3 (OD3+)
>535-542 DIRM LB1 (OD1+)
>629-635 DIRM LB2 (OD2+)
>635-660 DIRM LB3 (OD3+)
800-928 DIRM LB3 (OD3+)
>928-1038 DIR LB3 + M LB4Y (OD4+)
>1038-1070 DIRM LB3 (OD3+)

10 W  2x10E-3J     532 RB4
0,1 W  2x10E-5J    630 - 634 RB2
1 W  2x10E-4J       635 - 639 RB3
0,1 W  2x10E-5J    666 - 670 RB2