Laser Safety Cabins

Customized to your needs!

Customized kit: Cabin type "PROMETHEUS"

Item no.: 250-PROM-CABIN

Scope of delivery: The laser protection enclosure is delivered as a kit

Technical Data: 

  • Tolerance: +/- 1 mm/running metre.
  • Suitable for all laser types from 180-11000 nm. 
  • The stand wall structure consists of aluminium system profiles in
    40mm x 40 mm or 40 mm x 80 mm.
  • depending on static requirements, completely constructed with cover caps and truss profile.  The surface element consists of a special aluminium multilayer plate in 4mm thickness, matt brushed.

We manufacture tailor-made laser protection cabins specifically according to your individual requirements in terms of size, equipment, material, window configuration and safety requirements. 

A foundation angle for fixing on the work floor as a foundation finish is available. A walk-in roof (150 kg/m²) can be realized at an additional cost.

All materials of the protection cabins installed by us are tested according to
EN 12254. The construction takes place according to your specifications and the structural conditions at the assembly site. Our laser protection cabins are conform to EN 60825-4. On request, we would be pleased to advise you regarding further tests and requirements.

Further individual configurations such as ventilation, security and locking systems, window count and placement, warning lights and signs, roof and wall constructions as well as coatings are possible. Our customer advisory service will be delighted to provide you with more information.


Extra costs
- Optional lighting and ventilation according to technical requirements
- Optional revolving or sliding doors
- Data input and output on request
- Laser protection windows


Protection levels according to EN 12254:

       180 – 315     D AB10 + IR AB5 + M AB6Y    
>    315 – 1050     DR AB7 + I AB8 + M AB10
>    1050 – 1400     D AB7 + I AB8 + R AB6 + M AB10
>    1400 – 11000     DIR AB4 + M AB4Y    
       PF CE

Power densities according to EN 12254:

       180-315    100 sec    10 MW/m²        (1 kW/cm²) 
>    1050-1400     100 sec    250 MW/m²    (25 kW/cm²)
>    1400-11000    100 sec    10 MW/cm²    (1 kW/cm²)

We are looking forward to your request!

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