Laser Safety Eyewear RONDOR Filter #0238


The Laser Safety Eyewear RONDOR are light and sporty laser safety spectacles made of special plastics. This featherweight frame offers extensive lateral protection and a large field of vision. The temples are individually adjustable by the user in length and inclination. The frame is available in two different colors (black or grey).

The Laser Safety Filter #0238 by PROTECT-Laserschutz is suitable for Erbium:YAG laser (2940 nm) and CO2-Laser (10600nm). The laser safety filter consists of a clear filter made of special plastics, and offers an visual light transmission (VLT) of 92% and a minor filter thickness. The laser safety filter is CE certified in accordance with the requirements of EN 207 and is available in different frames.

Please take care, if calculating the needed protection levels for your laser application, and match them with the protection levels on the laser safety eyewear. The employees of PROTECT-Laserschutz are looking forward to assist you by choosing the right safety equipment.

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The laser safety filter #0238 is available in the following frames.

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