BODYGUARD Laser Safety Gloves


The new BODYGUARD Laser Safety Clothing is certified for the entire wavelength range from UV to IR with the highest possible levels of protection. As such it is suitable for all suitable for all currently knwon types of lasers and all modes of laser operations. In addition to affording protection, the protective equipment is skin-friendly and breathable. The clothing is not only comfortable to wear but also washable, a particular advantage with respect to other products, especially for procedures performed under high-temperature conditions.

The BODYGUARD Laser Safety Gloves offer laser protection of hands and wrists. Beside our standard gloves is a second model available, which is good for better fine motor skills. The laser safety gloves are very suitable for combination with our whole laser safety clothing BODYGUARD and are able to individual embroidery (company name, logo,...).

The employees of PROTECT-Laserschutz are looking forward to assist you by choosing the right safety equipment.

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